The American Years

Deep in the midst of lock down the Dunoon Players came together, spearheaded by Julie Forrester, to bring to life some of the stories of the American Years. Watch the video below to follow the story of a local couple with two very different opinions about the Americans and Site One.

Elaine Graham as CND Sal, Ian Tyson as The Local, Andy Graham & David Downie The Bar Drinkers. Written & directed by Julie Forrester. Filmed & edited by Neil Boyle. Thanks to Dunoon Burgh Hall, Dunoon Players, The Lorne Bar, The Forward Shop, The Scottish Urban Regeneration Forum and the National Heritage Lottery Fund.

American Years Revisited would like to thank the Dunoon Players, Julie Forrester and Neil Boyle for all their amazing work, and a special shout out to The Lorne and The Forward shop for helping create this little bit of lock down magic.

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